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Kibbeh Recipe

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Kibbeh is one of the traditional Lebanese dishes and is so popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. This dish combines minced meat with a combination of nuts and spices. This savory dish is a Mediterranean equivalent to a beef croquette and can be enjoyed as a main or side dish. Stay with Takrecipe to learn how to make this tasty dish in your kitchen.

Ingredients for four people
Short-grain rice4 cup
Mince Meat300 g
tomato paste1 tbsp
medium onion2
barberry (optional)2
Walnuts (optional)2
Parsley1 tbsp
Brewed saffron1 tbsp
Salt1 tsp
Black pepper½ tsp
cardamom powder½ tsp
Cinnamon½ tsp
Turmeric1 tsp

Kibbeh Recipe

Step 1

Add the rice with 5 cups of water, brewed saffron, and a pinch of salt into a suitable pot and put it on medium-low heat until the rice completely absorbs the water and becomes tender. Then set it aside to cool down.

Step 2

Peel and wash the onions and chop them coarsely. Put a pan on the heat and coat it with some oil. Then sauté the onions in the pan until they get translucent.

Step 3

Now add minced meat to the onions and sauté for 10 minutes until it changes color.

Step 4

Add cardamom powder, cinnamon, black pepper, and turmeric to the meat, mix, and let them release their aroma.

Step 5

Now add tomato paste to the pan. sauté the tomato paste until its rawness is taken and it gets darker. Then add chopped parsley, barberries, and walnuts to the pan.

Step 6

Sauté them for a couple of minutes, then add a cup of water and let the meat cook thoroughly. After the water in the pan is entirely absorbed by the ingredients, remove the pan from the heat and set them aside.

Step 7

Now toss the rice into a food processor or a grinder and blitz them to get a uniform texture.

Step 8

Wet the palms of your hands, take the size of a small orange from the rice dough, and push your finger into the center of the ball to form a hollow dome. Then put a spoonful of minced meat on the spot and pinch the edges of the dough to seal it. Then roll it in your hand and form it into an oblong shape or whatever shape you want. Kibbe can be preserved like this in a freezer for more than six months.

Step 9

beat the egg together until frothy and coat the Kibbeh in them.

Step 10

Fill two to three centimeters of a deep pan with oil and put it on heat to bring it to 175 Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit. Then carefully place the Kibbeh in the oil and fry them. Slightly agitate them during frying. Once it gets golden brown, put them on a paper towel or rack to dab off the excess oil. In the end, put the Kibbeh in the desired dish and serve it with the ketchup. Enjoy your meal!

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