Tahchin Recipe

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Today at Takrecipe, we make one of the most famous Persian foods. If you have any Iranian friends and have been invited to serve dinner, you should see a crispy golden rice cake filled with chicken meat. Now we bring you the recipe for making this delicious and gorgeous dish. Tahchin is translated to arranged in the bottom, which refers to the crispy layer on this rice cake. Stay with us to learn how to prepare this delicious rice cake.

Ingredients for four people
basmati rice2 cups
boneless chicken breast1
Ground saffron¼ tsp
plain yogurt½ cup
dried barberries½ cup
butter2 tbsp
oil¼ cup
Turmeric1 tsp
Black Peper1 tsp
Salt2 tsp
slivered almonds (optional)2 tbsp
slivered pistachios (optional)2 tbsp

Tahchin Morgh Instructions

Step 1

Pour the barberry with one glass of water into a bowl and let it soak for 30 minutes, then pour the chicken breast with two glasses of water into a pot.

Step 2

Divide the onion into four parts and add it to the pot with Turmeric, half of the salt, and half of the black pepper, then put the pot on medium heat to cook the chicken breast for an hour.

Step 3

After an hour, take the chicken breast out of the pot and chop it into small pieces. Fill a large saucepan half full of water, then bring to a boil over high heat.

Step 4

Add a teaspoon of salt to the boiling water, rinse the rice and add to the boiling water. After 8 to 10 minutes, rinse the rice and wash it with cold water.

Step 5

Combine saffron with boiling water and set aside for a few minutes to brew, then pour it with yogurt and egg into a large bowl and mix well until smooth.

Step 6

Add half the rice to the bowl and mix with the other ingredients until smooth. Choose a medium saucepan and pour the vegetable oil into the saucepan.

Step 7

Pour the saffron rice mixture into the pot and squeeze it well into the bottom of the pot with a spoon.

Step 8

Pour the chicken pieces over the saffron rice, add the plain rice to the pot and squeeze it with the back of a spoon.

Step 9

Chop the butter, pour it over the rice, put the lid on the pot, and put it on gentle heat to cook for an hour.

Step 10

Rinse and dry the barberry, then Saute with a tablespoon of oil or butter for 1 minute. Finally, garnish the Tahchin Morgh with slivered almonds, pistachios, and barberry, and serve.

Tahchin Morgh Notes

tahchin calories

The calories of tahchin are between 450 and 550 per serving. In other words, this food has about 200 calories per hundred grams.

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