Spring Onion Cutlet Recipe

Spring Onion Cutlet Recipe kookoo piyazcheh

Today at Takrecipe, we are sharing a healthy vegetarian cutlet that is easy to make. Spring onion cutlet are a kind of dish you want to make when you are in a hurry since it involves a few ingredients and does not take any special equipment. Moreover, its ingredients are nutritious enough to fill you up. So, stay with us to find an excellent choice for your dinners and breakfasts.

Ingredients for four people
Green or spring onion400 g
All-purpose flour1 to 2 tbsp
Medium onion2
Salt1 tsp
Black pepper½ tsp
Turmeric1 tsp

Spring Onion Cutlet Recipe

Step 1

Dice the onions finely. Put a pan on the heat and add some oil. Then add the diced onion and sauté them to caramelize. Then remove them from the pan and set them aside.

Step 2

Wash and finely chop the spring onions. The smaller you chop the spring onion, the more uniform cutlet you will get. Next, after the fried onion has cooled down, put it together with the chopped spring onions in a suitable bowl.

Step 3

Add egg, salt, black pepper, and turmeric to the onions and whisk them well to get incorporated. Then add a tablespoon of flour and mix well with other ingredients. If the mixture is too loose, add another spoonful of flour and mix with other ingredients.

Step 4

Heat a pan over medium heat. Then add some oil to the pan, and once the oil is hot, pour the cutlet mixture onto the pan all at once and spread it on the pan with the back of a spoon or spatula. If you like to have smaller patties, you can take a ladleful of the mixture and pour them on the pan separately.

Step 5

Once you see the cutlet is sautéed and gets a little browning in the edges, turn the cutlet over and let the other side sauté. That is it! Prepare some spring onion like this, and enjoy!

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