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Russian Cutlet Recipe

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Russian cutlet is one of Russia’s famous and delicious dishes, which has spread worldwide because of its good taste. This delicious cutlet can be prepared with both minced chicken and beef meat, and you can make it for dinner, picnics, or road trips, and since this cutlet is made of meat, it tastes like a burger. This cutlet is usually served with fried or mashed potatoes and can be paired with pasta. Today at Takrecipe, we want to teach you how to make this delicious and crispy cutlet.

Ingredients for four people
Minced meat500 g
Warm milk1 cup
Large onion1
SaltTo taste
Black pepperTo taste

Russian Cutlet Recipe

Step 1

Put the bread in a bowl and pour milk on it, and keep the bowl aside until the bread is soaked and gets completely mushy. You can use any white bread here.

Step 2

Peel and wash the onion and garlic cloves. Then add them to a chopper or a grinder and process them to get a paste.

Step 3

Add the soaked bread to the grinder and mix them to get a nice mushed mixture. You should not have any clumps left. Put the mixture in a large mixing bowl.

Step 4

Now add minced meat to the bread mixture and mix them as much as possible.

Step 5

Then add salt and black pepper to the meat and mix the ingredients well with your hands until they are combined and uniform. You can also season it with chili pepper, curry, ground cumin, and finely chopped dill.

Step 6

Add one egg to the mixture and mix them up. The egg will make the cutlet ingredients stick together better. After kneading the cutlet mixture, you can add the second egg if it is not consistent and sticky enough.

Step 7

Next, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour so that the cutlet mixture rests and gets infused with the flavor.

Step 8

Put a pan on the heat and add some oil. Let the oil get hot. Then, pick a little bit of the meat mixture, about the size of a small tangerine, and shape it into a flattened round or oval shape with your hands; it should have about 5 millimeters in thickness. You can coat each patty with bread crumbs to get a crusty layer.

Step 9

Then place the cutlets in the pan one at a time and fry them on both sides on medium heat until nicely brown. It should take about 5 minutes per side until they are thoroughly cooked inside and crispy outside.

Step 10

You can slice some tomatoes and put them on the pan to sauté. Finally, put the cutlets in the desired dish, pair them with fried or mashed potatoes, and serve them with pickled vegetables and bread or rice. Enjoy your meal!

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