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Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

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Today at Takrecipe, we want to share the recipe for making a tasty grilled chicken. This delicious grilled chicken is made by soaking it in a unique Japanese sauce and grilling it to perfection. Teriyaki is a Japanese cooking method that consists of two words “Teri” meaning shiny, and “Yaki” meaning grilled. In contrast to its name, this is so simple to make, and we assure you everyone will love it. It has a sweet and savory flavor, and the juiciness of the chicken makes it an excellent choice for your weekend. Stay with us to learn how to prepare this grilled teriyaki chicken at home.

Ingredients for four people
Chicken breast800 g
Large onion1
Honey1 tbsp
White vinegar2 tbsp
Soy sauce2 tbsp
Liquid oil2 tbsp
SaltTo taste
Black pepperTo taste

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Step 1

Wash and pat dry the chicken breast. Take their skin off and cut them into small (about one and a half inches) and cubic chunks if you want to skewer them or grill them on the pan, or slice them to your desired size if you’re going to grill them on the barbeque. Put them in a large mixing bowl.

Step 2

Peel and wash the onion and cut it into large slices. Add the sliced onion to the bowl containing chicken.

Step 3

Peel and grate the garlic with a fine grater and add it with honey, white vinegar, soy sauce, salt, and black pepper to the chicken bowl. Soy sauce usually contains a lot of salt, so it is better not to add too much salt to the chickens. Mix the ingredients well to coat the chicken fillet.

Step 4

Cover the chicken bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 6 hours to rest and marinate the chicken. Note that you should not let the chicken sit in the marinade for more than 24 hours since it can start to break down the chicken.

Step 5

Now remove the chicken from the marinade. You can grill the chicken on barbeque and heat coal or the cast iron grill indoors. For the outdoor grill, clean the grill grates and brush lightly with oil. Fire up the coals, and once they are covered with ash, put the chicken on the rack and grill them until just cooked, approximately 5 minutes per side.

Step 6

If you want to skewer them, you should turn them a couple of times to grill them evenly on both sides.

Step 7

Indoor grilling is also the same. You should grill chicken on medium-high heat until the center registers 75 Celsius or 165 Fahrenheit degree.

Step 8

In the meantime, remove the onion from the marinated and fry it with two tablespoons of liquid oil in a suitable pan. Bring it to a boil and stir it for about a minute until slightly thickened. You can brush the thickened teriyaki sauce on the chicken while grilling.

Step 9

Finally, put them on a plate and drizzle teriyaki sauce and sprinkle sesame seeds. Serve them with rice or bread and enjoy your meal.

Last Updated : Friday 11 November 2022

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