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Loobia Polo Recipe | Persian Green Bean and Rice

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Ash Kashk Recipe

Ash Kashk Recipe آش کشک Ashe kashk Ash-e

Ash is one of the most delicious and traditional Iranian dishes, and plenty of them are made in different cities of Iran with different recipes. We have shared a wide variety of Ash like Ash Mast, Ash Sabzi, Ash Sholeh Ghalamkar, etc. Ash is basically made of herb broth and is always a good choice for dinner, especially on cold winter days. Now we want to learn how to make Ash Kashk. Ash Kashk is very nutritious and delicious because Kashk is a good source of calcium and is very useful for strengthening the immune system. Kashk is also suitable for weight loss, and it guarantees brain health. Stay with us to learn how to prepare this delicious Ash at home.

Ingredients for four people
Pinto or red beans1 cup
Pea1 cup
Lentils1 cup
Rice½ cup
Vegetables (Leek, tarragon, dill)1 kg
Large onion4
Dried mint2 tbsp
Kashk (Persian sun-dried yogurt)1 cup
Reshteh (enriched flour noodles)200 g
SaltTo taste
Black pepperTo taste
TurmericTo taste

Ash Kashk Recipe

Step 1

Soak the peas, beans, lentils, and rice in separate bowls filled with water for 3 hours so they puff up and cook more efficiently. You can soak the beans and peas for longer to make them more digestible, but you should change the water once or twice.

Step 2

Put a small pot on medium heat and fill it with 2 cups water. Drain and rinse the beans and peas and add them to the pot. Let them simmer to cook through.

Step 3

Peel and cut three onions into slices and sauté with a bit of oil in a large pot until the onions become caramelized.

Step 4

Then finely chop six cloves of garlic. Add chopped garlic, salt, ground black pepper, and turmeric to the pot and sauté them for a minute until they release their aroma. Be careful not to overcook them since they burn quickly.

Step 5

Wash and rinse the vegetables a couple of times to clean them from dust. Then transfer them to your tray and chop them coarsely.

Step 6

Add the chopped vegetables to the pot and sauté them for a few minutes until they change color.

Step 7

Then drain and rinse the soaked rice and lentils and add them to the pot. Now add water (about 6 cups) to the pot and increase the heat to bring the water to a boil.

Step 8

After the water reaches the boiling point, lower the heat and allow the rice and lentils to cook thoroughly. After the lentils and rice are fully cooked, rinse the cooked peas and beans and add them to the pot.

Step 9

Dilute Kashk in half a cup of water, add it to the pot, and mix them well. Let the Ash cook and thicken to reach your desired consistency.

Step 10

In the last 30 minutes, when all the ingredients of the Ash are fully cooked, add the Reshteh and let them soften, and bring the Ash to a thick consistency.

Step 11

Meanwhile, fry the dried mint, sliced garlic, and remaining onions separately with a bit of oil and set them aside.

Step 12

Your Ash Kashk is ready when it reaches your desired consistency. Some like it to be thick, and others like it watery. Pour it into a suitable dish, garnish it with the fried mint, garlic, onion, and diluted Kashk and serve it hot. Enjoy your meal!

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