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kabab tabei recipe

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Kabab tabei is one of the most popular home kebabs in Iran. This dish combines minced beef or lamb, tomatoes, onion,  and garlic cloves.

Ingredients for four people
minced lamb, or beef500g
garlic cloves2
Medium onion1
sumac (optional)½ tbsp
Salt1 tsp
black pepper½ tsp
butter1 tbsp
saffron⅛ tsp

kabab tabei Instructions

Step 1

Pour saffron into a cup and add two tablespoons of boiling water. Now cover the cup and set it aside to inhale the saffron.

Step 2

Peel onion and garlic and grate them on a medium grater. Now squeeze the grated garlic and onion by hand to remove excess water.

Step 3

Put garlic, onion, minced meat, sumac, salt, and black pepper in a suitable bowl. Mix the ingredients by hand for 5 minutes until smooth.

Step 4

Once the ingredients are combined, cover the dish with a plate or anything else and refrigerate for an hour. Resting the ingredients in the refrigerator makes the kebab taste better.

Step 5

After an hour, take the meat from the refrigerator, then pour it into a pan with a lid. Now spread it evenly on the bottom of the pan.

Step 6

Put the lid on the pan, then put it on medium heat. Let the kebab cook for 10 minutes, then cut the tomatoes in half.

Step 7

After 10 minutes, open the pan’s lid, and pour saffron and the butter on the kebab. Cut the kebab lengthwise, then Cover the top of the pan.

Step 8

Let the kebab cook over medium heat for another 10 minutes, then remove the lid of the pan and turn the kebab pieces over to cook on the other side.

Step 9

You no longer need to put the lid on the pan. Wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the kebab to be ready. You can serve Kabab tabei with bread or rice.

Kabab Tabei Notes

Kabab Tabei calories

If you fry a pan kebab with vegetable oil, every 150 grams has 350 calories. If you want to cook this food with fewer calories, you can substitute olive oil for vegetable oil.

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