Vavishka Recipe

Vavishka Recipe Vavishka Recipe beef origin russian vaavishkaa wiki persian mince recipe persian eggs with spiced beef and tomatoes واویشکا

Vavishka is one of Iranian popular and delicious dishes whose origin goes back to Russia. This delicious dish made its way to Gilani’s kitchen after World War II, and after that, it became one of the most popular dishes in this region. Vavishka can be made with chicken or red meat or completely vegetarian. This dish is the stew you want when you are in a hurry, but you want something hearty and tasty. It is also a good choice for your parties as the main course. Today at Takrecipe, we want to teach you how to make some Vavishka like the Iranian do.

Ingredients for two people
Minced meat or chicken breast250 g (400 g if using chicken beast)
Medium onion2
Large potato1
Green chili pepper1
Tomato paste1 tbsp
Lemon juice1 tbsp
SaltTo taste
Black pepperTo taste
TurmericTo taste

Vavishka Recipe

Step 1

Firstly, cut the onions into lengthwise slices or small pieces according to our taste and sauté them with some oil in a suitable pan until they change color and get golden.

Step 2

Once the onions are golden, chop the garlic and add it to the pan. Note that garlic burns very quickly, so sauté it a little until its aroma is released. You can also add more garlic if you like.

Step 3

Then add the minced meat to the pan. If you want to make it with chicken meat, cut the chicken into thin strips or small cubes and add them to the pan after washing.

Step 4

Add turmeric and black pepper to the pan and sauté the ingredients well until the meat changes color completely. Vavishka is usually cooked a little spicy, so be generous in spicing it up with the pepper.

Step 5

Add the tomato paste to the pan and sauté until the color changes from bright red to dark. You can also use pomegranate paste in preparing Vavishka if you like.

Step 6

Now peel the tomatoes, dice them into small chunks and add them to the pan. You can also puree the tomatoes with a food processor or blender and add them to the pan.

Step 7

Next, chop the green chili pepper and add them with lemon juice and salt to the pan. You can add a little cinnamon or grape powder to Vavishka if you like. In some recipes, canned peas and cooked carrots are also added to Vavishka. Mix the ingredients well and put the lid on. Let the tomatoes release their juice and meat to cook thoroughly.

Step 8

Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Next, pour some oil into a suitable pan and fry the potatoes. Some people like to mix fried potatoes with Vavishka, but it is better to serve them along with the main food. Your delicious Vavishka is ready now. Prepare it for yourself and serve it with bread or rice. Cucumber yogurt is also an excellent paired-up to serve with Vavishka.


Other materials

In preparing this dish, you can also use other ingredients such as mushrooms, bell peppers, etc.

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