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Sosis Bandari Recipe

Sosis Bandari Recipe near me sosis meaning sosis sibzamini bandari recipe iranian sandwich recipes

Sosis Bandari is one of the Iranian sandwiches whose origin belongs to the southern provinces of this country, and its name is derived from them. Sosis Bandari is roughly translated to Port Sausage because most of the southern cities in Iran are port cities. This dish has become one of the most popular sandwiches due to its remarkably delicious taste. The authentic Sosis Bandari is prepared with a combination of sausage and onion. Still, some restaurants, in addition to these ingredients, also use other ingredients such as potatoes, mushrooms, or cheese. Today at Takrecipe, we want to share our version of making this delicious sandwich.

Ingredients for four people
Sausage300 g (6 pieces)
Large onion2
Medium potato (optional)2
Tomato paste3 tbsp
Ketchup1 tbsp
Ground chili pepper½ tsp (or to taste)
Ground black pepper½ tsp (or to taste)
Salt1 tsp (or to taste)
Ground turmeric1 tsp (or to taste)

Sosis Bandari Recipe

Step 1

Cut the sausages into slices. The sliced sausage should not be thick nor thin and should be around half a centimeter to one centimeter. Be careful to slice them into even sizes to help them cook simultaneously.

Step 2

If you want to add potatoes to your Sosis Bandari, wash and scrub the potatoes. Then fill a suitable pot halfway with water, add a pinch of salt and the potatoes, and simmer them for about 5 minutes until they are tender but hold their shape.

Step 3

Once the potatoes are half-cooked, peel them easily and chop them into bite-size chunks.

Step 4

Now cut the onions into relatively thick slices. Authentic Sosis Bandari is prepared with plenty of onions. However, if you do not like thick slices of onions in the food, you can chop them into small pieces.

Step 5

Put a pan on medium heat and pour three to four tablespoons of oil. Then add the chopped onion to the pan and sauté them until translucent.

Step 6

Once the onions become transparent and soft, add the sausage and potatoes to the pan and sauté them until the sausages turn light brown. If you want to make it fancier, you can add sliced mushrooms and chopped bell peppers into the ingredients, but the main ingredients are just the sausage and the onion.

Step 7

Next, add salt, black pepper, and chili pepper to the ingredients. And sauté them for a couple of minutes. Due to the nature of southern cities of Iran, Sosis Bandari is served spicy, so be generous with the chili pepper. You can also add curry, which can make it even more appealing.

Step 8

Now add tomato paste to another pan and sauté it with a little oil. Let it cook until it gets a slightly dark red and its rawness is removed. You can also use puréed or diced tomatoes instead of tomato paste.

Step 9

After the tomato paste is well cooked, mix it with ketchup and half a cup of boiling water and add them to the pan containing the sausage. Sauté and stir the ingredients for a couple of minutes until the tomato paste reaches all the ingredients.

Step 10

Now you can add some mozzarella cheese to your Sosis Bandari if you like it cheesy. Sauté them until the water in the pan evaporates, and you see oil accumulating on the ingredients. In the end, transfer the Sosis Bandari to the desired dish and serve it with white onion, pickled cucumber, and chopped tomato in a baguette with desired sauce. Enjoy your meal!

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