joojeh kabab recipe

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joojeh kabab is one of the most simple and delicious Iranian kebabs. This dish combines chicken, saffron, sour lemon juice, and onion.

Ingredients for four people
chicken breast1 kg
large onion1
vegetable oil2 tbsp
Greek yogurt2 tbsp
Fresh sour lemon juice3 tbsp
Salt1 tbsp
saffron½ tsp
Butter (Optional)1 tbsp

Joojeh Kabab Instructions

Step 1

Powder the saffron and pour it into a small bowl with two tablespoons of boiling water, then cover the bowl. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the saffron to brew.

Step 2

Cut the chicken breast into 3 cm pieces and pour into a bowl. Add the brewed saffron to the dish containing the chicken and mix well.

Step 3

Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes to give the Joojeh Kabab a better color. After 30 minutes, take the bowl out of the refrigerator. Add vegetable oil and mix with chicken.

Step 4

Chop the onion into rings and add it to the bowl with sour lemon juice, salt, and Greek yogurt, then mix the ingredients well.

Step 5

Cover the bowl and refrigerate for two to several hours to flavor the chicken. If the chicken stays in the refrigerator for more than 6 hours, it will taste great.

Step 6

Once the chicken is flavored, take the bowl out of the fridge. Take the chicken pieces and skewer them.

Step 7

Light the charcoal and place the skewers on the grill. To cook evenly, you must turn the skewers every few seconds for the kebab.

Step 8

Meanwhile, melt the butter and rub it on the Joojeh Kababs to make them more delicious. Finally, serve the Joojeh Kabab with rice or bread.

Joojeh Kabab Notes

Joojeh meaning

In Persian, young chickens are called Joojeh. Of course, because it is usually challenging to find young chickens, you can also use medium or large chickens for cooking Joojeh Kabab.

with mayonnaise sauce

Mayonnaise is one of the flavorings used in chicken Marinette. For the above recipe, you can use a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Adding mayonnaise makes the Joojeh Kabab softer and more delicious.

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