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Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Recipe jamie oliver best toppings personal uk salami in Spanish bbc

Do you know anyone who does not like pizza? Making pizza only takes simple ingredients, and today we will show you how to make Pepperoni Pizza that rivals any takeout joint.

Ingredients for three people
Pizza Dough
Bread flour2 ½ cup
Yeast2 tsp
Sugar2 tsp
Salt¼ tsp
Softened butter40 g
Yogurt2 tbsp
water125 ml
Pizza sauce
tomato paste2 tbsp
Dry basil powder1 tbsp
Thyme½ tsp
olive oil4 tbsp
Saltto taste
pepperoni400 g
Mozzarella cheese200 g

Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Step 1

For pizza dough, add warm water to a large bowl. It should be noted that the water should not be cold nor hot, but slightly warm. Then add sugar, salt, and yeast to it and stir until all the ingredients dissolve in water.

Step 2

sift flour on the bowl into three or four parts and mix them gently. Then add yogurt and softened butter and stir well with a spoon to form a massive shaggy dough. You can use a stand mixer for kneading the dough, making the process much easier.

Step 3

Tip the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead it. After about six to eight minutes of kneading, the dough will become soft, smooth, and elastic.

Step 4

Cover the dough and let it rest for an hour. This will allow the gluten strands to relax, preventing its tendency to rebound back while we roll the dough.


Step 5

To make pizza sauce, peel and coarsely chop the onion. Put a pan on the heat and add two tablespoons of oil. Then sauté the onions and smashed garlic in oil over medium heat until they get translucent.

Step 6

Wash the tomatoes and finely chop them. Add them to the pan and sauté them until the tomatoes are tender.

Step 7

Sauté the tomato paste. You should add Thyme, dry basil powder, and salt when it starts sizzling. Then sauté until the aroma of the spices is released, and the tomato paste gets darker.

Step 8

Preheat the oven to 200 Celsius degrees.

Step 9

Roll out the dough into the shape of your baking tray. Roll until its thickness is about 1 centimeter. Dust the top of the baking tray with a little bit of flour to avoid the pizza from sticking to the bottom. Then place the dough onto the baking tray and press it evenly to fit it into the pan.

Step 10

Add sauce to the dough and evenly spread this out using the back of a spoon to the edge.

Step 11

Cover the sauce with mozzarella cheese. Then place a layer of pepperoni. Keep the pepperoni close to each other since they shrink when baking.

Step 12

Place the pizza into the oven and bake it for 20 minutes until it is nice and golden brown. You can top it with a little bit of fresh basil or parmesan. Cut it with a sharp knife. Serve yourself up a slice and enjoy.

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