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Tar Halva Recipe

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Tar Halva is one of the most simple and sweet desserts. Tar halva originated in Shiraz, Iran, and is always noticed due to its lovely color and pleasant smell. This halva is best served with tea or after lunch or dinner as a dessert.

Starch½ cup
Milk3 cup
Rice flour¼ cup
Water2 cup
Rose water½ cup
Sugar1 cup
Brewed saffron1 tbsp

Tar Halva Recipe

Step 1

To prepare this delicious halwa, pour cold water into a bowl. Add the starch to it and stir well until the starch dissolves in the water.

step 2

Pour the milk into a separate container. Next, add the rice flour to the container and mix well until the rice flour is completely dissolved in the milk.

Step 3

Pass the mixture of starch and water through a strainer and add it to the mixture of milk and rice flour, then put it on the heat. Constantly stir until it reaches the consistency of porridge.

Step 4

Add sugar and stir until they dissolve in the mixture. Add the rosewater and stir to combine. Then turn the heat to low and stir until well blended for about an hour.

Step 5

Keep stirring until the mixture sticks together and forms a paste. If you can mark the halva with your spoon, it means that the concentration of the halva is suitable.

Step 6

Choose a suitable container and coat it with some oil. Then pour half of the mixture into the container.

Step 7

Add brewed saffron to the other half and pour it hot on the white halva. You should be careful to do this part while the mixture is still warm to stick well.

Step 8

Let it sit in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours to cool down. Then flip the container on a plate and slice it into your desired shape. Put the halva in your desired dish, and garnish it with pistachio or rose petals. Enjoy your colorful and lovely-smelling halva.

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