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Best Persian Halva Recipe | Easy and Delicious

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Carrot Cutlet Recipe

Carrot Cutlet Recipe in tamil dan barber graveyard keeper beetroot potato cabbage

Cutlet or Shami is among the most popular and delicious Persian dishes. Carrot cutlet is made with meat and carrot and is usually served with cold or warm bread. Shami can be served as a main dish, appetizer, trip food, or cold sandwich. This is a straightforward recipe, and you will love its taste.

Ingredients for four people
Beef300 g
Medium onion1
Salt2 tsp
Ground black pepper½ tsp
Cinnamon pepper½ tsp
Sumac½ tsp
Dried savory1 tsp
Chickpea flour3 tbsp

Carrot Cutlet Recipe

Step 1

Cut the meat into 5 centimeters chunks and grind them with a grinder.

Step 2

Peel the onions and garlic cloves and grate them. You should drain the juice out of it. Wash and grate the carrots separately.

Step 3

Add grated onion, garlic, and carrots to the minced meat and mix them with your hand as much as possible.

Step 4

Add dry savory chickpea flour, cinnamon powder, ground black pepper, turmeric, and salt to the meat. Then mix the ingredients well with your hands till they are combined and uniform.

Step 5

Now pour water little by little into the cutlet mixture until it does not stick to the hand. Note to gradually add water to the cutlet mixture so that the cutlet mixture does not loosen.

Step 6

Put a suitable pan on low heat and add some oil. You should heat the oil to 175 Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit degree. You can check the temperature by placing a chopstick on the oil, and if it fizzes up after about 5 to 10 seconds, the heat is good. This will help the cutlets not stick to the pan and use less oil.

Step 7

Then, take a little bit of the mixture and shape it into a round or oval shape with your hands and flatten it a little until it gets about 5 millimeters thick. Then carefully put it in the pan.

Step 8

Sauté both sides of the carrot cutlets. Each side of the cutlets should be sautéed for about 5 to 7 minutes on low heat until they are thoroughly cooked inside and crispy outside.

Step 9

Finally, after all the cutlets are cooked, place them in a suitable dish. You can pour the sauce on the cutlets or serve them plain. Serve this crispy and delicious carrot cutlets with bread and some pickles and lettuce. Enjoy your meal!

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