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Orange Halwa Recipe

Orange Halwa Recipe in hindi Persian in malayalam kerala suji ka portaghal halva

Orange halwa is one of the most simple and sweet Persian halwa used as a dessert. This halwa is always noticed due to its pleasant smell. Halwa originated from Iran and spread throughout the middle east. Halwa is made with different recipes in each middle eastern country and various ingredients. Today we want to make halva from flour and orange.

All-purpose flour300 g
Rice flour100 g
Butter100 g
Liquid oil180 ml
Cream200 g
Sugar300 g
Water300 ml
Cardamom powder½ tsp
Orange peel powder1 tsp
Rose water50 ml
Brewed saffron1 tbsp (or to taste)

Orange Halwa Recipe

Step 1

Add sugar and rose water to a suitable pot and put it on medium heat until the sugar particles dissolve entirely.

Step 2

As the sugar is dissolved, add the brewed saffron to the pot along with the cardamom powder, orange peel powder, and rose water, bring it to a light simmer and then immediately remove the pot from the heat to cool down the syrup.

Step 3

Lightly toast your flour by moving it around in an un-oiled pan. Once you smell the flour starting to brown, add rice flour and toast for 6 to 8 minutes. Note that rice flour toast more quickly than all-purpose flour.

Step 4

Combine the flour and rice flour, sift them three times, and return them to the pan. Then add the butter and oil.

Step 5

The second you hear the sizzle of the oil in the pot, stir vigorously and fold your flour into the oil until everything is integrated and you’ve stirred out most of the clumps.

Step 6

Whisk the cream to get a smooth paste. Then add it to the pan and stir regularly to mix the cream with the batter.

Step 7

Add the syrup to the pan and stir regularly until everything is integrated.

Step 8

Stir the Halwa until it can be easily separated from the pan walls. Now remove it from the heat and spread it into your serving dish. You can garnish it with rosebud and coconut powder, then let it cool down. We hope you serve this healthy and sweet orange Halwa with your family and enjoy it.

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