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Chocolate Porridge Recipe

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Today we are making one of the easiest and quickest breakfasts or desserts. Cocoa porridge, or as some may say, chocolate porridge, is a sweet and warming meal for cold days but can also be served as a cold dessert. It can be prepared sugar-free or filled with jam, grape juice, and honey. This porridge has an easy recipe; you need some mixing and simmering with a bit of care.

Ingredients for four people
Milk2 cup
Sugar4 tbsp
Rice flour1 tbsp
Corn starch1 tbsp
cacao powder1 tbsp
Rose water or vanilla (optional)2 tbsp (or to taste)

Cocoa porridge Recipe

Step 1

Pour the milk into a suitable pot. Add the rice flour, corn starch, and cacao powder to the cold milk and mix them. You can also use either rice flour or corn starch. Keep stirring until everything is integrated and you’ve stirred out most of the clumps. Note that the milk should be cold to reduce the chance of the mix lumping up. It is better to use a hand mixer.

Step 2

Put the pot on medium heat and bring it to a light simmer. Then reduce the heat to low and stir continuously to avoid burning the nutrients.

Step 3

Add the sugar to the porridge and stir until it dissolves in milk.

Step 4

Let the porridge cook and thicken a little bit. Then add rose water and vanilla. Then give it a good stir to mix the ingredient. If you like to add crushed nuts to the porridge, you should soak them in a little rose water beforehand.

Step 5

Let the porridge thicken and reach your desired consistency. Keep in mind that this porridge will thicken if it cools down. So, if you want to serve the porridge cold as a dessert, it should not thicken too much on the heat.

Step 6

Now your cacao porridge is done. Pour it into a serving dish and garnish it according to your taste with pistachio, cinnamon, or sesame. After the porridge cools down, you can put it in the refrigerator. Enjoy your meal!

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