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Pumpkin Halwa Recipe

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Today we are making a sweet dessert made from yellow pumpkin. Pumpkin halwa is one of the most colorful and tasty Iranian halwa and is so healthy as it does not take much oil and can also be prepared with its natural sweetness. Besides, pumpkin contains various nutrients like vitamins, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Stay with Takrecipe to learn how to make this delicious pumpkin halwa.

Ingredients for four people
All-purpose flour1 cup
Sugar1 cup
Medium pumpkin½
Rose water2 tbsp
Liquid oil2 to 4 tbsp
Cardamom extract or powder¼ tsp

Pumpkin Halwa Recipe

Step 1

Peel half of a medium-sized pumpkin and chop it finely. Then put it in a suitable pot, add two cups of water, and place it on medium heat. You can also steam the pumpkins.

Step 2

When the pumpkin becomes tender, finely grate it with a grater. You can also use an electric grater to puree the pumpkin more uniformly.

Step 3

Pour one glass of water into a suitable pot, add sugar, and place it on high heat until the water reaches the boiling point and the sugar dissolves completely. After the water boils, reduce the heat.

Step 4

Now mix the rose water along with the cardamom in the syrup. After a few minutes, remove the pot from the heat and set them aside.

Step 5

Put an unoiled pan on the heat and sift the flour into it. Lightly toast the flour by moving it around the pan. Once you see and smell the flour changing color, add liquid oil.

Step 6

Now stir the Halwa vigorously and fold the flour into the oil until everything is integrated and you’ve stirred out most of the clumps.

Step 7

Next, add the pureed pumpkin to the pan and mix it with the Halwa mixture.

Step 8

When the ingredients are uniform, add the warm syrup to the pan and continuously mix the ingredients until the halwa can be separated from the walls of the pan easily.

Step 9

At this stage, transfer the halwa to your desired dish, and while the halwa is hot, score some patterns on the halwa using a knife or fork. To garnish this halwa, you can use various ingredients such as sesame, melted chocolate, and crushed rose petals. We hope you try this recipe and enjoy it!

Last Updated : Thursday 1 September 2022

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