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Grilled Fish Recipe

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I think everyone deep down would prefer grilled food over any kind of stews or fried foods. They are comforting and let you feel like you are a free man. Their smoky flavor, crusty layer, and juicy core will steal your heart! Today at Tak Recipe, we want to share the best and easiest grilled fish recipe. You can make this in your backyard and turn an ordinary day into a memorable one. Stay with us to learn how to make this quick and easy weekend meal.

Ingredients for four people
Fish4 (about 1.5 kg)
Brewed saffron2 tbsp
Butter50 g
Olive oil4 tbsp
Lemon juice2 tbsp
Garlic powderTo taste
SaltTo taste
Black pepperTo taste

Grilled Fish Recipe

Step 1

Wash the fish well. You can use any mild-tasting white-fleshed fish such as walleye, halibut, tilapia, or mahi-mahi. Tip the knife in front of the rear fin, cut it towards the head, and remove the guts.

Step 2

Now you can either cut the head and fin off and butterfly the fish to form it into a boneless fillet or grill it intact. However, we recommend you to butterfly the fish. In this way, not only can you remove the bones easily, but also the fish will marinate better and cook more uniformly. Moreover, it is better not to take the skin off the fish since it holds the flesh and prevents the fish meat from falling apart on the grill.

Step 3

Mix the salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and olive in a small bowl. You can also spice it with Aleppo pepper, onion powder, thyme, and dried oregano. Pour the oil on the fish and massage it to coat the fish. Set the fish in a container.

Step 4

Now grate the onion with a fine grater and add it along with lemon juice to the fish. You can also add three cloves of grated garlic to the marinade. Massage the fish with them to marinate.

Step 5

Cover it with a plastic film and let it sit in the refrigerator for two hours. Chilling will marinate the fish and infuse it with flavor.

Step 6

After two hours, remove fish fillets from the marinade and drain off any excess.

Step 7

Now preheat the grill, or if you use a charcoal barbeque, fire the coals up. Place the fish on a grill rack and place it on the grill. We recommend greasing the rack to avoid fish from sticking to it. You can also grill this in your oven or stove if you do not have the equipment.

Step 8

Fish meat is tender and burns quickly. So, grill it for about 5 minutes per side or until the internal temperature reaches 75 Celsius or 165 Fahrenheit, and the fish flakes easily with a fork.

Step 9

Meanwhile, melt the butter and mix it with the brewed saffron. After the fish meat is grilled well, brush a mixture of melted butter and saffron on the fish to make them more delicious. In the end, garnish your fish with a sprinkle of chopped parsley and chives, and serve them with olive, lime, and bread or rice. Enjoy!

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