Chicken Barley Soup Recipe

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Chicken Barley Soup is one of the simple and delicious international appetizers. You can make this delicious soup with many different recipes and ingredients.

Ingredients for four people
pearl barley1 cup
Boneless chicken breast200 g
medium onion2
Garlic cloves2
medium carrot4
Medium potatoes1
fresh parsley100 g
tomato paste2 tbsp
Thyme powder½ tsp
ginger powder½ tsp
cinnamon powder½ tsp
Turmeric powder1 tsp
Salt1 tsp
Black pepper powder1 tsp
Vegetable oil3 tbsp

Chicken Barley Soup Instructions

Step 1

Pour the barley into a water bowl the night before and let them soak. Pour the boneless chicken breast into a pot with 4 cups of water, cinnamon powder, and turmeric powder.

Step 2

Peel one of the onions, divide it into four parts, add it to the pot, and then put it on medium heat until the chicken breast cooks for one hour.

Step 3

Put the oats in a colander to drain the water, then put it in another pot with 8 cups of water and put it on low heat to cook for an hour.

Step 4

After cooking the chicken meat, take it from the pot and cut it into small pieces. Peel the carrot and cut it into small pieces, then add it along with the chicken to the pot containing the barley.

Step 5

After 30 minutes, peel the potato and cut it into small pieces. After 30 minutes, peel the potato, cut it into small pieces, and then add it to the pot.

Step 6

Peel the remaining onions and chop them finely. Heat a pan, add vegetable oil and chopped onion, and saute for 4 minutes; peel the garlic cloves and chop them finely.

Step 7

Peel the garlic cloves and chop them finely. Add tomato paste, garlic, ginger powder, thyme powder, salt, and black pepper to the pan and saute for another 5 minutes.

Step 8

Finely chop the parsley and add it to the pot with the tomato paste mixture, then let the soup stay on the heat for another 30 minutes.

Step 9

After this time, taste the soup and add a little salt. Finally, pour the soup into the desired dish and serve with sliced lemon.

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