Potato Chips Recipe

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Potato chips are one of the delicious international snacks you can make with various flavors. This recipe combines potatoes, apple cider vinegar, baking powder, and spices.

Ingredients for four people
Large potatoes2
baking powder1 tbsp
apple cider vinegar1 tbsp
Salt1 tsp
Water and iceOne large bowl
Vegetable oil1 cup

Potato Chips Recipe

Step 1

Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Put the potatoes in a colander and wash them with cold water for a good minute.

Step 2

Pour the water and ice into a large bowl, then add the salt, apple cider vinegar, and baking powder and stir for a minute to combine.

Step 3

Add the potatoes and stir for 30 seconds, then set the bowl aside for an hour. After this time, put the potatoes in a colander to drain the water.

Step 4

Take the potatoes from the colander and dry them. Place a small deep pan on low heat and add vegetable oil, then wait a few minutes until the oil is boiling.

Step 5

Add the potatoes to the pan in several stages and fry. Take the Chips from the oil and pour them into a metal strainer to drain the oil.

Step 6

After draining the oil from the chips, pour them into the container you want and serve with ketchup.

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