Greek Rice Recipe

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Today at Tak Recipe, we are making Mediterranean-style pilaf. Greek rice is a tasty and nutritious dish that is easy to make. It takes some simple ingredients and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Stay with us to learn how to prepare this dish with chicken filling.

Ingredients for four people
Rice4 cup
Large chicken breast1
Red bell pepper1
Canned peas1 cup
Canned corn1 cup
Mushroom200 g
Butter100 g
Large onion1
lemon juice¼ cup
Curry½ tsp
Paprika½ tsp
Salt1 tsp
Black pepper½ tsp
Turmeric1 tsp
Brewed saffron (optional)1 tbsp

Greek Rice Recipe

Step 1

To prepare the filling, finely chop the onion. Put a pan on the heat and add butter. Once the butter melts, add chopped onion and let it become translucent. Then cut the chicken into medium size chunks and add it to the pan.

Step 2

Next, add curry, paprika, black pepper, turmeric, and sauté the chicken well until it changes color.

Step 3

After the chicken changes color and is slightly fried, cut the mushrooms into slices and add them to the pan. Sauté the mushrooms until their liquid evaporates and they are slightly cooked.

Step 4

Drain the canned peas and corn and add them to the pan. Sauté and mix them for two minutes. Then chop the bell pepper and add it to the pan. Sauté until they become cooked and soft.

Step 5

Pour a cup of hot water and brewed saffron into the pan, put the lid on, and let the ingredients cook well.

Step 6

To prepare the pilaf, firstly, soak the rice for one to two hours. Then fill a pot halfway with water and put it on high heat to bring it to a boil. Then add lemon juice, a generous pinch of salt, and a tablespoon of oil to the water.

Step 7

Add the rice to the water and bring the water to a simmer. Then turn the heat to low and let the water evaporate. Then add the chicken mixture to the pot and mix it with the rice. Cover the lid with a towel and let it steam until the rice is done and the liquid is fully absorbed. Your Greek rice is ready now. Prepare some and enjoy.

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