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Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

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Chicken schnitzel is one of the most famous German dishes. This dish combines boneless chicken breast, milk, eggs, panko breadcrumbs, and spices.

Ingredients for four people
Boneless chicken breast2
Milk½ cup
Panko breadcrumbs2 cups
All-purpose flour1 cup
medium onion1
garlic clove1
Lemon juice2 tbsp
Thyme powder1 tsp
Salt1.5 tsp
Black pepper1 tsp
Paprika powder1 tsp
vegetable oil1 cup

Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

Step 1

Divide the chicken breasts into two parts, then pound well with Meat Tenderizer until they are less than one centimeter in diameter.

Step 2

Cut the onion and garlic into the slice, then put them in a large bowl along with lemon juice, salt, thyme powder, paprika powder, and black pepper powder.

Step 3

Add the chicken pieces to the bowl and mix by hand for 2 minutes until the ingredients are smooth, then cover the bowl and put it in the refrigerator.

Step 4

After 2 hours, take the bowl out of the refrigerator, then take the chicken out of the bowl. (be sure to remove the pieces of garlic and onion from the chicken)

Step 5

Pour the milk and eggs into a bowl and mix with a fork. Pour the all-purpose flour and panko breadcrumbs into two separate bowls.

Step 6

Place a small deep pan on low heat and add vegetable oil, then wait until the oil is hot. Coat the chicken pieces first in all-purpose flour, then in the milk and egg mixture, and finally in panko breadcrumbs.

Step 7

Put the schnitzels in hot oil and fry them for 5 minutes on each side. After frying the schnitzels, remove them from the pan and place them in a metal strainer to drain the oil.

Step 8

Finally, put the schnitzels in the desired dish and serve with your favorite sauce. Along with this dish, you can use grilled vegetables.

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