Chicken Soup For Babies Recipe

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When it comes to babies and toddlers, there are a few dishes that are hearty and enjoyable, especially when you start to introduce your child to his first food. Today at Takrecipe, we share a delicious and notorious soup that your babies will love. This is a healthy and tasty dish since it consists of chicken and veggies and can be prepared in minutes. So, stay with us to learn how to make this delicious soup that the whole family can enjoy!

Ingredients for two meals
chicken thigh1
small onion1
Rice2 tbsp
Canned peas2
Small potatoes1
Medium tomatoes1
Parsley1 tbsp
Salt½ tsp (or to taste)
Lemon juice1 tsp (or to taste)

Chicken Soup For Babies Recipe

Step 1

Wash and remove the skin of the chicken thigh. Fill a pot with three cups of water and add the chicken to it. Then cut the onion into four slices and add it to the chicken.

Step 2

Put the pot on high heat and bring the water to a boil. Then lower the heat and let it simmer gently. Meanwhile, remove the foam produced by chicken from the water.

Step 3

Wash and peel the carrot, tomato, and potato, chop them finely, and add them to the pot. Wash and drain the rice and peas and add them to the pot. If you want, you can use pearl barley instead of rice at this stage.

Step 4

let the ingredients cook and thicken. Then chop parsley and add it to the pot. Let it simmer for ten minutes. Finally, add salt and lemon juice to the soup if you like and stir it well.

Step 5

When the soup is done, take the chicken out of the pot, shred its meat, and return it to the pot again. Now blend the soup with a handheld blender or a food processor into a smooth and creamy soup. Your soup is ready now. Plate some for your baby and serve while warm.

Last Updated : Friday 4 November 2022

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