Ash Reshteh Recipe | Vegan Persian Noodle Soup

Ash Reshteh Recipe | Vegan Persian Noodle Soup

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Kabab Torsh Recipe

Kabab Torsh Recipe near me javad javadi gilan rezept kabab torsh طرز تهیه

Today at Takrecipe, we bring you another authentic Persian kebab that will soon become your family favorite. Kabab Torsh, just like any other kebabs, is made by skewering meat and grilling. This is the same, but thanks to the nature of the people of the Caspian Sea region of Iran, it has a pleasant sourness that will steal your heart! The name of this kebab is also translated to sour kebab, which refers to its unique taste. This is a great weekend lunch when paired with Persian rice and olive. Stay with us to learn how to prepare this delicious food in your home.

Ingredients for four people
boneless beef ribeye or tenderloin600 g
Walnuts1 cup
Pomegranate molasses½ cup
Medium onion1
Medium tomato1
herbs (parsley, tarragon, coriander, basil, mint)2 tbsp
SaltTo taste
Black pepperTo taste

Kabab Torsh Recipe

Step 1

Firstly, cut the beef into medium size chunks. They should have a width of about five centimeters. Put them in a suitable bowl.

Step 2

Wash and peel the tomato and grate them with a fine grater. Add the grated tomato to the bowl.

Step 3

Now grate the onion and garlic and add them to the bowl. You can also cut them into thin slices, which is easier to clean the meat from them at the end.

Step 4

Now put the walnuts in a food processor and grind them. Traditionally, walnuts were added to a large clay pot called “Namkar” or “Namiar” and got ground with a stone called “Moshteh” so that the walnuts release their oil. Walnuts and walnut oil enhance the taste of kabab Torsh.

Step 5

Wash the herbs and chop them finely. Add the chopped herbs, pomegranate molasses, and black pepper to the meat. Mix the ingredients with your hands until they are combined and the ingredients get coated in the sauce.

Step 6

Then cover the mix with plastic wrap and set it in the fridge for 24 hours to marinate the meat and infuse it with flavor. The important thing about getting softer and tastier is to let ingredients rest for a long time. After 24 hours, remove the bowl from the refrigerator, add a generous pinch of salt, and mix.

Step 7

Fire up the coals of your barbeque and let the coals lit and covered with ash. Meanwhile, insert the skewers into the meat chunks.

Step 8

Once the coals are hot enough, put the skewers parallel to each other on the heat. You can also grill them on a pan or in an oven, but we recommend you grill them outdoors to have the best kabab Torsh.

Step 9

Due to the presence of pomegranate paste, the heat should not be high, and you have to grill them patiently. Otherwise, kebabs will burn quickly outside, but the center will remain uncooked.

Step 10

Turn the skewers every minute to cook them evenly on both sides. You can also skewer some tomatoes and jalapeño and grill them with the meat. Once the meat is cooked and is a little juicy, they are ready to serve. Place them in a suitable dish, pair them with olive, grilled pepper, and tomato, and serve them with Persian rice. We hope you try this recipe and like it.

Last Updated : Wednesday 19 October 2022

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